July 2011

Spirit Art Sketches

Graphite & Ink Sketches drawn in 2-3 mins of relatives and friends in spirit in public demonstrations of Proof of Survival after death; including letters and photographs confirming the identity of person in the portrait.

Topic 1

Have you experienced a brush with the spirit world that you would like some answers?

Topic 2

There are always subjects of interest occuring in world affairs which create an awareness in terms of our spirituality that raises questions.

Topic 3

Frequently people ask significant questions. Some answers may be discussed in this location of my website.

Topic 4

Spirituality has fascinated people throughout the ages. Consequently spirituality means different things to different people.

There always many views to discuss and compare.

Topic 5

Usually life's experiences have a habit of challenging our beliefs. At these times we have a choice to remain

safe and secure in our former patterns or to be prepared to sihft and grow in our understanding.