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Testimonial #5

Date of Drawing: 2013 February 24th.
Venue: Whitehorse Club, Burwood Psychic Expo
Person in the Drawing: Kevin Anderson (my uncle)
Thank you Barbara for the experience. I was very emotional after you connection with my uncle, and very appreciative
to know that he is still close to me as always.

Photo sent

Testimonial #4

Date of Drawing: 2011 August 11th.
Venue: Lilydale Spiritualist Church, Melbourne, Australia
Person in the Drawing: Cedric Prowse
The photo that matched your drawing, was taken of my uncle in a London market in the 1960's.
It was a special day for him. He lived in Cornwall with his mother. (my grandmother).
The reading and drawing are accurate, and the drawing even shows his bow tie.
Thank you Barbara,

Photo sent

Testimonial #3

Date of Drawing: 2012 November 4th.
Venue: Phoenix Spiritual Centre
Name of person in the drawing: Edward Mansell
Husband's grandfather, lived in America, born in 1800's
It took a while to connect to who he was as no information on him. I could relate to the information given to me about my
sore lower back and left hip. I was thrilled with the drawing and the reading.

Thank you,

Photo sent.

Testimonial #2

Date of Drawing: 2015 February 8th. Brunswick Spiritual Lyceum Church
Name of person in the drawing: Edna Roberts
WW2 broke out and Edna served in the WAAF's, moved to Australia 1954. Edna's sense of hospitality was well known and everyone was greeted with "Have a cup of tea love." Her willingness to care and concern earned her the love and respect from everyone who knew her. If you were lucky she would do a reading for you. Edna was a healer and a clairvoyant. People came from all sorts of life to see her.
The information about my mother Barbara gave was accurate.

Testimonial #1

Date of Drawing: 2015 April 18th.
Venue: Doncaster East
Person in the drawing: Catherine Bernard
Dear Barbara, There are no words to adequately express the gratitude and happiness I feel, that you and spirit have connected me to my grandmother and the young lady who is my soul mate, whom you did the drawing of.
I have a powerful love connection to them both and I am so grateful to you Barbara for giving me that eternal reassurance.
My heart is full of joy!!

Thank you,

Photo sent