My work experience in the Yukon, Canada with caring for Yukon Indian Children 11years - 20 year olds during my 20's was life-changing. It was here that my experiences with North American Indians impacted my beliefs and spirituality for the better. I loved the freedom from 'man-made' rules that had made no sense and gained an understanding of living at one and in harmony with nature. The North American Indians held the utmost respect for their environment animals and plants alike and their culture centred on this respect. Hence I revere the Indian nation's leaders such as Sitting Bull and
Black Elk. Much of my artwork is influenced by the North American spirituality.

I continue to enjoy the development of my acrylic paintings of Guides for clients; both in terms of the honing and speeding up of my painting techniques and working in a variety artistic materials. Many times there was experienced the intervention of spirit in stretching the boundaries whilst painting. Sometimes the face of the Guide was superimposed by a friend or relative of the client in spirit.

In early 2013 my lightning sketches of relatives and friends in spirit transitioned from pencil to ink. This involvement has enabled me to work faster and more accurately. Fortunately some recipients of my Spirit Art sketches have forwarded to me photographic proof of their relative which exhibits a close likeness to my sketch. During 2016-17 at public demonstrations of Spirit Art I include a full color acrylic painting of a relative/friend in spirit taking on average 20 mins. These paintings are in addition to the reading. I also draw ink sketches (2-3 mins) of the loved one in spirit with the brief reading.

Tarot readings are an opportunity to assist people in their life's journey. I respect the fact that clients have come for spiritual guidance on important matters in their path and the tarot is a tool that spirit uses to convey the guidance required.