My strong religious background was of a conventional nature; attending church regularly. The sense of spirituality and communication with spirit that was forged during these years; has remained and developed. It is my understanding that people need to follow their own spiritual path; being flexible to grow in and through the experiences that life presents; whereby the evolvement of the soul continues.
The development of skills in mediumship and psychic development that commenced over twenty-five years ago in various workshops and groups; were advanced by attending Visions from Beyond School of Perception. In subsequent years a personal journey in spiritual development has proceeded in the company of like-minded individuals.

In visiting Lilydale, the town of mediums in NY. USA three times in the past 8 years, a number of workshops conducted by notable mediums from the UK and the USA were attended. These skills demonstrated by mediums displaying differing methods; have also been of influence in the way I work. I was privileged to conduct a two day class in Spirit Art during the Lilydale, USA 2013 program. I will be conducting another two day Intuitive Art workshop in the 2018 Summer program. In 2015 I was delighted to conduct a 2 day Spirit Art workshop in Smithville USA.