American Psychic & Medium Magazine January 2018

 American Psychic & Medium Magazine, January 2018 - EXTRA edition 

Published monthly by Maximillien de Lafayette & Times Square Press


Barbara Price-Rees has made a contribution to the magazine’s January edition 2018 and her photo is on the cover of the EXTRA EDITION.
There are 2 x January 2018 publications, both contain the same article about Barbara and only the Extra Edition has her photo on the cover.

Many questions were asked of Barbara and in response there are enlightening in depth answers in regards to her history and the

development of her skills as a Spirit Artist and Medium.


This article is intriguing and inspirational. The magazine provides articles on a variety of topics sourced from many psychics and mediums

from around the world and includes: America’s best lightworkers, Europe’s best lightworkers, Lightworkers

from Canada, India, Australia and New Zealand.


Many other riveting topics within the scope of spiritual development and experiences worldwide, are included in the magazine.

A recommended read!

The magazine is available online from January 2018


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