New Book:Early & contemporary spirit artists, psychic artists & medium painters....

Barbara Price-Rees's spirit art, inspirational artwork and information regarding her work as a medium has been included in the book
published by Times Square Press. Her photo is on the front cover of the book.

Early & contemporary spirit artists, psychic artists & medium painters from 5,000 B.C. to the present day,
history, study, analysis. by Maximillien de Lafayette.  

There is a Museum Edition, Volume 2 from a set of 2 volumes. It is a scientifical, psychological, philosophical, artistical and
metaphysical study of Mediumship in Art. This is a world's premiere; the first encyclopedic book on this subject, ever printed.
The volume is authoritative, comprehensive, documented, fully illustrated, and rich in content, analysis
and comparative studies of  Spirit Art, a real treasure.

The book is Published by Times Square Press, New York, USA.and can be purchased
online from Amazon and Barnes Noble.

 Click here to acqire your copy from or

 Click here to acquire your copy from Barnes and

The Museum Edition, deluxe edition in full colors printed on glossy, heavy stock paper.
It is also available in Economy Edition and ebook edition.

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