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Sepia Pastel Guide Paintings
Human beings are experienced and talented in particular skills, likewise in Spirit. We all have a number of experienced Spirit Guides who are able to assist us in various areas of our lives, such as our spiritu
Acrylic Guide Paintings
The guide who presents is around you at this time and helping you deal with current issues. You receive information about your guide and Barbara speedily produces a professional acrylic painting on canvas.
Spirit Art
Acrylic portraits of loved ones in spirit are completed in approximately 20minutes during public demonstrations for spiritual groups and expo audiences.
Pencil sketches
Expert rendering of any subject is achieved using coloured pencil and graphite techniques.
Ink Portraits
An unmistakable likeness is achieved speedily in ink sketches on archive watercolour paper.
Ink Brush Portraits
Swift and accurate brush strokes are utilised to achieve a likeness of the person in a few minutes.
Colour Pastel Guide Paintings
Spirit Guides have at some time manifested as human. They are around each person, whether we wish to acknowledge them or not. It is entirely our decision whether we avail ourselves of their assistance in dealin
Gouache Paintings
A series of gouache paintings: the entire Minor Arcana were completed for a deck of tarot cards.
Horse Dance
Illustrations for a book: 'Horse Dance' based on Black Elk's great vision and features horses, symbolic of the nations of the world completed in colour pastel.
Spirit Art Sketches
Graphite & Ink Sketches drawn in 2-3 mins of relatives and friends in spirit in public demonstrations of Proof of Survival after death; including letters and photographs confirming the identity of person in