Guide Paintings

Guide Paintings - Barbara tunes into your spirit guide who communicates information regarding their life on the Earth plane; and how they are working to assist an individual with the lessons and experiences faced in their life path.

Sepia Pastel Guide Paintings

Human beings are experienced and talented in particular skills, likewise in Spirit. We all have a number of experienced Spirit Guides who are able to assist us in various areas of our lives, such as our spiritual path, health, family, education and career.

Acrylic Guide Paintings

The guide who presents is around you at this time and helping you deal with current issues.
You receive information about your guide and Barbara speedily produces a professional acrylic painting on canvas.

Colour Pastel Guide Paintings

Spirit Guides have at some time manifested as human. They are around each person, whether we wish to acknowledge them or not. It is entirely our decision whether we avail ourselves of their assistance in dealing with the problems we may encounter in our path.